On Friday night we hosted 21 people for dinner to celebrate my older son’s birthday – a bit of a challenge for me as we had only arrived back from a fantastic family trip to the USA on Tuesday – and I was back at work on Thursday.. this called for some quick and easy salads that I could make after work and have ready to go on Friday… (and a little help from our family with some of the food prep too of course!)

So here’s one of the little beauties I made – and I’ve got it made ready for this week too!


This one takes literally 5 minutes, looks pretty delish on a nice platter if you are entertaining and is quite a hit with the kiddies (and the adults). I mix and match it a bit but here is a rough plan of attack.  You can make from scratch in about 5-10 mins or it keeps really well in the fridge too.

– cook 1 cup cous cous in 1 cup boiling water (just pour both into a bowl and cover with a plate to absorb – you can add a little olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper if you are feeling fancy). I usually use a wholegrain cous cous but you can use any type.

– while this absorbs throw into your food processor heaps of fresh herbs – whatever you have or can get but i typically use parsley, mint, dill and coriander and some olive oil. Blend to a paste. If I have it to hand I add some garlic too.

– roughly chop some nuts – i use raw pistachios and slivered almonds usually (a big handful)

– when cous cous cooked stir all of it together. You can also add some chopped spring onion if that’s palatable in your house.

– very delicious at room temp, warm or cold for lunches

* I serve this with grilled chicken or lamb chops for dinner or also with fish – usually salmon or flathead (and a nice glass of white wine)

* can also go into lunch boxes in a little container (I omit the nuts for school days)

This herby cous cous has so far been a great hit with all kids who have tried it bar my 4 year old who claims he is “allergic” to green.  To make it more attractive to some kids I have also added raisins/sultanas a couple of times – I personally prefer it without but its worth a try if you think your kids will prefer it that way.

Enjoy and please let me know if you try this or a variation of it how it goes!