Well – a few years after this idea (and my second child) was born here I am…

All parents are crazily busy – and I am as busy as the best of them!  But it has always been important to me and very enjoyable for me to cook tasty and nutritious meals for my family… pre kids this may well have been a day long activity on the weekend, shopping at markets and specialist stores and using every pot and pan in the house to delight my husband and friends and family with gourmet meals or wholesome favourites… Since having my 2 darling boys my passion for cooking has not ceased but the time (and hands!) I have available has changed… and so… cooking with one hand was born!

I am keen that my kids try different flavours and textures and enjoy preparing and eating great food.  I love to cook with my kids.  I also love to not cook after a big day at work or at home with the boys and like to have standby meals ready to go.

I look forward to sharing my best recipes, my multitasking tips and my experiences cooking with one hand with you all!

Let’s go!


PS please drop me a line here or on facebook and let me know what you’d like to hear more of…