The kids are on school holidays today and are spending the day with my in laws, so today is a bit less of a juggle than a usual hectic Monday… I thought I’d share with you what’s on our plan today and how I will make it happen…

At breakfast time I can feel a little like a short order cook – it is the most ‘succesful’ meal with my 4 year old and, as such, I try to cram as much goodness into it as possible! Today I made honey grilled grapefruit and cheesy scrambled eggs – I did shake my head as I realised they were feasting on a 2 course breakfast on a MONDAY morning but it took all of 5 mins prep and 5 mins cooking and was a huge hit – here’s what I did:

– Cut grapefruits (half for each of us – so 2 in total) in half and score around outside and segments (leave in skins) and drizzle a little bit of honey on each (maybe 1/2 a tsp each)

– Put grill on to warm

– Break 4 eggs into a dish and whisk, stir in a little cheese (this was just for the kids, they had 2 eggs each)

– Pop grapefruits under grill for 3-5 mins to warm and slightly caramelise and slowly scramble eggs at this time

– serve grapefruits seperately and a plate with the eggs (I gave my kids a slice of toast with avocado with this)

This is a great breakfast – full of goodness… and a good start to the day

Grapefruits – packed with vitamin c and super healthy for us adults too – grapefruits can lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and curb hunger and some believe it boosts metabolism

Eggs – often get a mixed review on the health side, but even for those with higher cholesterol or risk a small number of eggs a week is usually recommended (maybe 5 a week if you have high cholesterol).  Eggs are also packed with protein and a range of vitamins & minerals (B group vitamins, Vitamin A, potassium and folic acid). I recently read some interesting information regarding diabetics and eggs consumption – the papers I read recommended one egg only per day for diabetics, so if this is the case in your family may be useful to check that out!

For lunch today I have packed myself some of the herby cous cous and some leftover poached salmon… I didnt need to pack lunch for the kids (hooray!) so I will share kids lunchbox tips when school goes back.

And for dinner tonight I will make for my husband and I my delicious vegie and noodle miso soup… I will post that recipe – a meal that takes 10 minutes cooking and about 3 mins prep – soon!