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This delicious, filling and healthy breakfast will have you satisfied right through to lunchtime… It’s packed with goodness and basically cooks itself in the time you take to make yourself presentable for a busy day ahead.

You will need:

Oats – buy organic rolled or steel cut oats (steel cut take longer to cook, double the times I have here) – dont use the highly processed instant ones

Your favourite milk – cows milk, nut milk of some sort, soy or oat/rice milk etc. I use cows milk or almond milk

Water (no special instructions on this one!)

Strawberries – abnout 4-5 per adult, 3 for each kid (can also, of course, add any other fruits you like but this is by far my favourite combo)

Real maple syrup – a dribble for each bowl


Put into a saucepan on low heat 1/2 cup oats per adult and about 1/3 per kid

Add double that amount of liquid (I do half water and half milk for the liquid)

Slow simmer while you do your makeup or shave (for me this is 5ish minutes) – pop into kitchen a couple of times to stir. 

Oats are ready when liquid is mainly absorbed (leave some liquid) and oats have softened

Put into bowls and stir the strawberries through

Drizzle a little bit of real maple syrup onto each serve – about 1/2-1 teaspooon


Oats – great heart food –  said to lower ‘bad cholesterol’ and potentially lower blood pressure.  They also help regulate blood sugars and your appetite so this is a great option if you are looking to lose a few kg!  They offer sustained energy which is great for busy kids (and parents!) 

Strawberries – I try to buy organic berries (of all type) and ALWAYS wash them very well – berries pick up a lot of pesticides etc.  They are, however, packed with antioxidants and vitamins. I have also read that strawbs can prevent wrinkles as the ellagic acid present in the fights the breakdown of collagen – who knows, but it can’t hurt!

Maple syrup – one of my favourite things! Maple syrup is a topic getting a lot of research at the moment and seems to be joining the ranks of the “superfoods”.  It is thought to slow the conversion of carbs to sugar and some of the benefits of the various antioxidants and minerals include reduction of bloating, regulation of blood sugars and skin health.  It also boosts your immune system due to good levels of zinc.  Make sure you buy pure maple syrup and enjoy it!