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Ok this is a standby dinner for hubby and me – its very adaptable, packed with nutrients and ready in 10 minutes.  Feels like comfort food at its best but does so much good for you – you feel positively saintly after slurping down a big bowl of this for dinner…

Here’s what you need –

Miso paste (i use an organic white miso usually, but you can try different ones out and see what you prefer) – tonight I used barley miso which was yum

Soy or I prefer tamari sauce

Lots of vegies –  carrot, onion, broccolini, asian greens (bok choy or pak choy) are regular features in mine – you can also use some cherry tomatoes and shitake mushrooms (the mushrooms usually have to soak for 30 mins though so I rarely use them unless i am planning ahead!)

Noodles – my favourite for this is udon noodles or ramen noodles, but use whatever you like best

Protein- my favourite is some tofu, cubed – but chicken is also good

Here’s what you do:

Finely cut veggies (just stalks of broccoli and not the asian greens) and cook for a minute or so in some sesame oil

Add 2.5 cups water per adult (about 1 cup for kids) and a small splash of soy/tamari

Cook this as a stock for about 5 mins

Add miso paste (couple of tablespoons) and the tofu, remaining veg and noodles

Bring to simmer again and then cook 3 mins

Serve in big asian soup bowls

This is a fabulous, quick and healthy dinner and you’ll feel great eating it!

Some of the health benefits include:

MISO – a soy fermented product. Sources claim this lowers ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol, has benefits for the skin and digestion and also contains many vitamins and antioxidants. As it is a fermented product it can also aid digestion and build immunity.

TOFU – a very low fat protein

BROCCOLINI – high in potassium which is great for your brain!  Also high in potassium and vitamin C.

CARROTS – aside from helping you see in the dark (!) very high in vitamin C and A.