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Pretty much all kids love pasta with cheese… in fact if we weren’t all carb fearing, dairy avoiding food fun sappers I would say most ADULTS would love pasta with cheese too! 

If your kids could wolf down pasta with cheese sauce on a daily basis try this variation on a theme.  I adapted it years ago after a meal I had at the RIver Cafe in London and I’ve never looked back.  It is a standby meal that takes 15 mins, pleases all ages and looks pretty delish in a big white bowl.  Make it with your kids – and it is so simple I’m sure it wont be long til they do most of the work on this one.

I’ll post a pic next time I make this one.




To serve a family of 4 you need:

1 and a half punnets cherry toms

250g ricotta (try to get the firm one from the deli)

2 handfuls basil leaves, torn

400g pasta – I use Orechiette if I can, but any short shape will do

2 garlic cloves

Big glug or 2 of olive oil



– put pasta into water to cook til al dente

– cut cherry toms and half and get your kids to squeeze out the juice and seeds into a cup (my 6yo drinks this)

– add garlic and olive oil and some S&P to the tomatoes and leave to soak up flavours

– when pasta is cooked drain and add the toms mix to the pan – stir over medium heat to slightly soften

– add pasta to the tomatoes and stir to coat in flavour

– add ricotta in chunks to the pasta and then stir through the torn basil

You are done!

If your kids/you like a strong cheese flavour grate some parmesan over when you serve


This is a no fail standby for me – let me know how this goes down with the pasta and cheese lovers in your household! x