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I have had a few requests for various dietery restrictions over the past week (thanks for the feedback everyone) and one of the most common has been for gluten free.  So I have decided to feature gluten free recipes this week.  Many gluten free recipes use flour substitutes and other products that many of us dont regularly have in our pantry – so I am aiming to keep the recipes this week super simple and with regular everyday ingredients that you can easily get your hands on – and, of course, recipes that are quick and easy to make with one hand!

Let me know how you and your family enjoy these!

What you need:

3 eggs beaten lightly

200g rice vermicelli

1 medium carrot and 1 medium zucchini grated coarsley (another use for the food processor)

(I sometimes add red onion or red capsicum too)

1/2 cup coarsely chopped corriander (cilantro for the US followers – thanks guys!)

2 tablespoons sweet chilli (you can buy gluten free ones)

2 tablespoons oil for frying – I use rice bran or coconut oil



Soak noodles in boiling water about 5 mins, drain and chop into small pieces (I use scissors to do this, well my kids do!)

Mix all other ingredients in a large bowl then stir through noodles

Cook in a pan with the oil – about 1/4 cup per rice noodle cake

ENJOY – I serve with a little extra sweet chilli or a mix of tamari, ginger and lime

This takes about 15 mins and kids love doing the noodle chopping, mixing etc (older kids could fry them too, but I prefer to do this myself)