This makes me sad to read – hopefully I can help with some recipes that are easy and quick and dont need any ‘special’ ingredients. x


Being Gluten free is probably one of the most complicated things I have ever encountered in my life. Everything is made out of Gluten! I can’t believe I have to give up my favorite foods. I don’t think I can do this. I would just rather eat gluten and not feel very good.

Does that sound like you? Do you hate the fact that you have to give up all the wonderful tasting food God has placed on this earth? Well, that is exactly how I feel. I do not want to eat gluten-free, its way to hard, way to expensive, and the food doesn’t even taste as good. If you feel the same way then we will get along very well.

Yesterday and Today was a very hard day for me. I am pretty sure that I ate gluten in both Lunch and Dinner. I told myself that I…

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