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I am having a day at home with my boys today – so we started the day with a delicious breakfast we could make together.

I whipped up the pancakes while my boys made one of their specialties and set the table up with various accompaniments (maple syrup, chopped fruit, jam).

We devoured a stack of gluten free vegan pancakes with peach, mandarin, syrup and their famous ‘bancin’ dip.


100g buckwheat flour

100g almond meal

1/2 tsp bicarb

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

290g (weigh the milk) milk of choice

– mix all ingredients in a bowl – the vinegar and bi carb will make a very fluffy mix

– cook in a pan over medium heat until golden each side

(you can also sprinkle in some flax seeds or pumpkin seeds when you cook)

These go really well with all sorts of toppings – jam, syrup, berries, fruit etc

My boys also make BANCIN dip (which isn’t vegan) – a speciaility of the house here (always made by my sons) – they mash a banana, some yoghurt and cinnamon together and LOVE it.

Hope you enjoy these with your family – recipe makes about 12 pancakes. x