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I have had a request to post some crumble recipes – and give it is a bit cold and windy today, its quite a good day to whip up a crumble.

You can make these as simple or complex as you like – a pretty healthy crumble that’s great to serve kids as dessert anytime through to a decadent crumble that you can serve at a dinner party.

I often make a basic crumble mix and freeze it in a zip lock bag – it is then easy to make a quick dessert in about 15 mins with no work using leftover stewed fruit or a tin of pie fruit… great if you have unexpected guests, if your kids nag you for dessert of if you just have a hankering for some dessert during the week.

I have many versions of the humble crumble – and am sharing 3 versions here today.  Love to hear how you find them!


I adapted this recipe a while back, from a Jamie Oliver recipe that I think I saw on tv. Its delicious and can look quite fancy on a table – you can serve it straight from the pan with some vanilla ice cream or custard.

WHAT YOU NEED (for the fruit):

about 1kg stone fruit – halved and stones removed (i use peaches, apricots and plums usually)

about 4 pears/apples – peeled and cut into quarters or a little smaller

a punnet of berries – blackberries go v well if you can get them

about 4 tablespoons brown sugar

splash or 2 of water

few bay leaves and some rosemary (this i definitely learned from Jamie – adds amazing flavour)

Vanilla pod or 2

cinnamon stick or 2

zest and juice of one orange and one lemon


Lay stone fruit and berries in a shallow baking dish in about 1 rough layer

Add herbs and vanilla and cinnamon and splash of water

Add juice and zest

Cook at 200 C for about 20-30 mins  until fruit softens but keeps its shape

(you can serve like this OR make a crumble topping and then bake for another 10 mins til golden)


This is a pretty decandent and very delicious crumble – goes down well with everyone!


1-1.5 kg pears

about 200g good quality dark choc, cut roughly

vanilla – 2 pods


peel, core and chop pears roughly into large chunks

Add to a large saucepan and cook on low heat with the vanilla and some water (little bit) until soft

Stir through the dark chocolate prior to adding the crumble topping and baking


For a basic apple crumble of course you can easily use a tin of pie apple but I prefer to make some apple compote myself

I use green apples and peel and chop them and simmer on low heat with LOTS of cinnamon and some other spices – sometimes cloves, sometimes nutmeg until soft

Then top with crumble mix and bake until brown


There are so many ways to make a crumble topping – and as I said you can make a very big batch and keep it in the freezer. Feel free to mix and match with and without seeds, oats etc. Here are some variants – to make any of them rub the flour and butter together to make breadcrumb texture then add the rest of the ingredients – bake until golden

– 120g flour, 60g unsalted butter, handful oats, cinnamon, ginger, 2tbs brown sugar, 50g chopped nuts (almonds, hazelnuts both good)

– 60g almond meal, 60g brown rice flour, 60g butter,half cup brown sugar, 60g slivered almonds (this is GLUTEN FREE)

– 225g flour, 115g butter, 90g sugar (caster), pinch salt, few shakes ginger

These are all really yummy and different – you can mix and match and I often make a more healthy version with linseeds, quinoa flakes etc – whatever you have available to add some crunch. Coconut is also YUM added in and you can substitute coconut oil for the  butter or margarine for the butter if you want to make it dairy free.  I often use half butter and half coconut oil anyway for flavour and health!

I’d LOVE to hear what combos  you come up with. Enjoy! x