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I had a request this week to let you know what ‘essentials’ I have in my pantry… to be honest this is a difficult one for me to answer as I am ashamed to admit my pantry is a total disaster zone and packed with everything you ever could want or need to whip up a meal or survive an end of world event… Let’s just say my ‘essentials’ are rather diverse!

That said there are a range of items I am always using and topping up and that I will be sure to check that I have on hand before I head out to the supermarket on a weekend as they will get the whole family through a busy week.

I do a menu plan (which I will share, but it may scare the bejeezus out of you) each week and I buy top up items to ensure I can prepare what’s planned.

I usually shop on a weekend for the week and my husband or I top up during the week.

So… here’s a shot as the essentials:


Oils – I always have rice bran oil, olive oil, sesame oil and coconut oil on hand

Stock – a good quality vege stock (either store bought or homemade in the freezer) – you can freeze in 1 cup serves so you don’t waste it

Miso paste

Sauces – Tamari, Sweet Chilli, Tomato sauce, Kecap Manis, Fish sauce, maple syrup a good quality pesto and a few bottles of passata

Vinegars – apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar and mirin

Spreads – honey (and of course vegemite etc)


Favourite pantry stored milk – almond milk, soy milk etc (and I usually have a UHT milk in case there is a cereal emergency!)

Tins of good quality tuna, salmon and sardines


A range of nuts – pistachio, almonds, cashews

A range of seeds – usually pumpkin seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds

Flours – plain and self raising and whatever specialist ones you like – buckwheat, spelt, coconut etc



Cous cous


Noodles of some sort – i usually have udon, rice noodles and ramen on hand

Lots of spices – whatever your favourites are (I use LOADS of cinnamon)


Dried fruit


Vanilla essence or pods

Shitake mushrooms & sea vegies

Good salt

Rice – I have basmati, arborio and a specialist like red or black rice usually


Cereal – whatever the kids are eating

Every week essentials

I always make sure I have enough eggs, tofu, herbs (parsley, corriander, basil and mint), fruit and veg (including lemons which make most things delicious), some bread or muffins in freezer, cheese (cheddar and parmesan and usually some fetta or haloumi in fridge), yoghurt and some meat or fish in the freezer.

With these things and then whatever you need for the meals you plan – vegies, proteins etc you can always whip something up.

This week I will feature cooking from your pantry with very few additions – things I make when I am on the run and too busy to plan ahead…

(as I will be!)

I’ll add to this over time as this is off the top of my head – but hope it helps x

Have a great Sunday everyone!