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If you don’t want to pack a sandwich every day in the lunchbox (or indeed if you have a good eater who may want a sandwich plus something else) you may like to try a frittata.

You can chop and change with the fillings – baked vegies, tomatoes, tuna, cheese etc all work well but the recipe I have posted here is tried and tested with quite a few kids and generally goes down well!


I make these as mini frittatas as they are so handy this way in a lunchbox and look great with a groovy themed cupcake wrapper.  At the moment my sons have them in pirate patty cases!


6 eggs, beaten lightly

1/4 cup milk (whatever you prefer, I use plain milk in this but soy is also good)

120g smoked salmon cut into fine strips (you can use other meats or some flaked salon or tuna, but smoked salmon gives a great salty flavour)

Peas – about 1 cup cooked

Fresh herbs – dill or parsley goes well – about 1/4 cup cut finely

tsp paprika

Some grated cheese – cheddar or parmesan


Mix all ingredients together and pour into patty pans in a muffin tin

Bake at about 200C until set (15-20 mins)

(these can be frozen so I often make a batch of 12 – we eat 6 or so for a dinner/lunch and then it lasts a week or 2 of lunches too)