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Well it is a cold and rainy day here in Melbourne and, as such, a perfect day for a lazy morning in with your family – or a lovely day to have some friends over for brunch.  I am so glad my kids are getting old enough that this is actually close to their idea of fun too…

I love cooking brunch, and make all sorts of yummy things – sweet and savoury – but since I was little I really cant go past lazy sunday morning breakfast of pancakes.   I posted a good recipe a while back but here is another (more indulgent) one to try. I like using buttermilk, it keeps the pancakes very fluffy (and buttlermilk can keep for a while in the fridge so it is a handy thing to have on hand)

We often have our pancakes with maple syrup, yoghurt, fruit or lemon and sugar but when I feel like it I also love to make some yummy fillings and a couple of these are here for your to try too. It isn’t cooking with one hand – it’s usually cooking with MANY hands as my kids LOVE to make this stuff with me, and I usually have the time to let them! Enjoy – and have a great weekend! x



2 cups plain flour

3 tsp baking powder

1 tablespoon sugar

3 cups buttermilk

2 eggs

abut 50g melted butter


Stir the dry ingredients into a bowl

Add the wet ingredients and stir to combine

Cook in a pan on medium heat for abour 2 mins one side and 1 min the other

I keep pancakes warm on a plate by heating the plate in hot water, drying it and then covering the pancakes with a tea towel while I cook the rest

And now, a couple of dellcious fillings (if you make crepes) or toppings:


this is great with any stone fruit – plums or nectarines are AMAZING.  They are starting to appear in the shops now so it is a good time to use them!

You need a few pieces of fruit – allow 1 1/2 per person and some sugar

Cut the fruit in half and remove the stone, sprinkle with sugar

Cook (sugar side down) on a hot frypan for a minute or 2 until caramelized



I always have ricotta – one of my favourite ingredients! This is amazing with some orange marmalade.

Cook about 50ml milk and a handful of sultanas (or craisins or candied rind) in a pan for 2-3 mins until the sultanas start to soften. Transfer to a bowl.

Add about 250g ricotta, zest of a lemon, some vanilla (about 1 tsp) and some icing sugar to taste (about 1 teaspoon) and stir to combine.