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Yummy quesadillas - a delicious breakfast or lunch

Yummy quesadillas – a delicious breakfast or lunch


This is one of those standby meals that once you have in your routine you will wonder how you did without it! It is able to be made with things you have in your pantry or fridge and kids love them for breakfast or lunch (and my son also liked to take these in his lunchbox!). My kids have been wolfing these down for years – ever since my younger son started with finger foods! I’ve tried them out on loads of kids when they’ve been over for a play and generally they are a huge hit – adults like them too with some interesting fillings. You can make these gluten free by using a gluten free wrap!

Experiment with your fillings from a basic cheese with fresh tomatoes or tomato paste (or sauce if you really are low on ingredients!) to tuna, mayo and corn with cheese, avocado and sweet chilli, mashed roast pumpkin, seeds and cheese, mushroom and cheese, chicken and corn… mashed baked beans…. the list goes on.

Here’s how you make them…

Take 2 wraps (I use a multigrain or rye wrap) and put a thin filling on them. You can also use tortillas if you prefer.

Make into a sandwich

Heat a pan with a spray of olive oil

Cook for about 2 mins each side until crispy/warmed and the cheese has melted

Cut into triangles and serve

All done in under 5 mins!

– I always make sure I have a pack or 2 of wraps in the pantry as they last a while and are a great back up for these or for other meals.

I’d LOVE to hear what filling combos you try!