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A baked risotto is one of the easiest meals to make and this one is a huge success with my kids. It is a great one to make when you have missed the shopping or forgotten to defrost something in time, as most of the ingredients can be found lurking in the back of every pantry! If you have an onion, some tinned tomatoes, some cheese, some arborio rice and a tin of tuna you can make this. If you also have some zucchinis, possibly some carrots or celery you can enhance it. It is a sure fire winner! ENJOY!

1 cup arborio rice
1 onion finely chopped (I use a red onion usually)
– if you have in the fridge some celery and a carrot you can add these with the onion finely chopped too for some extra vegies
1 tsp salt
a big splash of olive oil
2 zucchinis finely sliced if you have them (dice very small if you need to hide them!)
Big tin of tuna – i use a big tin of sirena, usually in olive oil
60g (1/2 handful) grated cheese – paremsan is best but any grated cheese is fine
400g tin of chopped tomatoes
1.5 cups stock (use water if you dont have it)

NOTE – I often double this recipe as it is a big hit at home so we have it another night or for lunches (and it also freezes ok in portions for kids dinner on our takeaway night!). This is very adaptable – make it with or without tuna, with or without zucchini – play around with it and enjoy!

– heat oven to 200 C
– Put a large oven proof dish (I use a french oven) on a hotplate and saute the onion, salt and olive oil until soft (about 5 mins) – if using carrot and celery I add at this time too
– Add rice and stir a minute until coated
– Add stock and tomatoes and bring to simmer
– Add tuna and zucchini and stir – then sprinkle on cheese and grind some pepper over top
– Cover with the lid and cook in oven for 30 mins or until rice is cookedServe with some extra cheese and/or parsley.
You can make this dairy free by omitting the cheese – still tastes good and as arborio rice is gluten free this is a wonderful meal for our GF buddies. x