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I am not a big breakfast fan, especially during the week when I am rushing and out of the house early. So I search for different enticing breakfasts…

This one is really quick and easy, the kids quite like it too (and I used to make it with more yoghurt stirred through when they were babies). It’s done in 5 mins – you can also mix and match with some chopped dried fruit, nuts and seeds. ENJOY x



1/3 cup cous cous

1/3 cup boiling water

1/2-1 green apple

Shake or 2 of cinnamon

Some plain or vanilla yoghurt

(maybe a drizzle of honey or maple syrup)

Any nuts or seeds to sprinkle on top!


Pour water over cous cous and cover – about 5 mins

During this time grate the apple

Fluff up couscous, stir through apple and cinnamon

Add a dollop or 2 of yoghurt and the honey/maple ifyou want it (i dont usually) and sprinkle on some seeds – I usually have pepitas and sunflower seeds and maybe some linseed.

You are done! If your mornings are as rushed as mine you can have this made and eaten and the bowl in the dishwasher in 10-15 mins (I’ve timed it!)

What are your favourite quick breakfasts? – let me know in the comments!