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Over the weekend I had loads of great feedback about the blog – thank you all so much, it is lovely to hear that some of what I have posted has resonated with you and that there are families enjoying some of these tried and tested recipes.

One question that came up a few times was around how to get kids to eat fish… and to be honest with you fish is one thing that both my kids eat pretty much all the time. So I will try to post a few ideas and recipes for you to try – fish is simple and healthy and a great food to get the kids into. I started my kids on fish really young – as it is so soft i never worried about them choking (but I was absolutely crazy about looking for the bones first).

Today I thought I would share this coconut fish recipe with you – it has lovely asian flavours and is as much a hit with the adults as it is with the kids. Serve it with some yummy steamed rice and some greens of some sort.



4 firm white fish fillets no skin – I usually use barramundi but whatever your fishmonger or supermarket has available

1 tin coconut milk

1 cup stock – I use vegetable stock

about a tablespoon each of lime juice (1 juicy lime), sugar and fish sauce

If you can get them – about 3 kaffir lime leaves (if not i add more lime juice)

1 stalk lemongass (press it down a few times to get the flavour going – they call it ‘bruising’)

I also usually add some red chilli if just for the adults (or if your kids are ok with a bit of spice)


Put everything except the lime juice and fish in a pot over medium heat

Boil for 10 mins then lower to a simmer

Add fish and poach until cooked (about 3 mins) – it will be able to make into flakes with a fork

Take fish out of pan and cover to keep warm

Turn sauce up to high and reduce til a bit thicker – about 5 mins

Strain the sauce, stir in lime juice and pour sauce over fish (and rice)

– serve as is for adults and flake the fish for kids

YUMMY and very quick!