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These are delicious little fritters – and like most fritters kids enjoy them and they work well in lunchboxes.  They are, however, yummiest hot straight from the oven.  x

I used to make these and pan fry them  – and they are very good like that. But I now usually bake them, which is less work intensive and healthier. I hope you like them!


3 zucchinis

2 potatoes (I use desiree if possible)

some chopped mint – about 2-3 tablespoons worth

Fetta cheese- 1 block (maybe 200g?) crumbled or chopped finely

1 egg, beaten

1 tablespoon plain flour (use GF if necessary)

Little bit  butter – maybe 25g

Splash of olive oil


Grate zucchini and get rid of moisture – if you have time put them in a colander and salt them. If not get them and squeeze all the juices out (you can roll them in a tea towel and wring it out after squeezing as you want them very dry) – if they are wet the fritters will be a bit soggy

Parboil potatoes – peels on.  When they cool peel them and grate into a bowl (so when you cook them make sure they are only par boiled – about 5 or so minutes cooking)

Add some salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients together except the flour, butter and olive oil – don’t over mix

Make into about 8-10 cakes – and dust with some flour

Brush them with a mix of olive oil and melted butter (or just olive oil)

Cook them on top tray of oven (220C) for about 10- 15 mins each side until golden If they are overcooking move to middle shelf for the 2nd side).