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This is a super easy meal and I like to make it on a sunday evening when we are all relaxed and eating together. It is another recipe my 6 year old can almost make for me :-). It also works well mid week as it is so quick to make. if I do it mid week we usually have some cous cows (often my herby cous cous) as this is so quick.

I usually serve with some greens – beans and snow peas and some mashed or baked potato. Delish


Veal escalopes (I use 8 for the 4 of us)

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

50g butter (I use nuttelex)

Lemon juice – about a tablespoon per person


Season veal with salt and pepper and heat oil in a large pan

When the oil is hot add the veal and cook about 1 min each side (note i usually use a meat tenderiser to soften the meat which makes it quite thin)

Reduce heat and add lemon juice – when the juice is simmering add the butter and mix until it melts

Pour the sauce over the veal and serve with vegies

– i usually keep some lemon wedges for squeezing on at the table

This is a meal done in about 10 mins x