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I have had a hugely busy week – I got a big promotion at work last friday and it was effective immediately so I have been thrust into a crazy week of handovers, meetings, nerves, excitement and hosting a 2 day meeting I wasn’t prepared for – so there has been no time or headspace for blogging and very little cooking!

This ‘rainbow rice’ is perfect for week’s like this. You can whip it up quickly and if you are so busy you grab takeaway (like we are doing tonight) you can keep some leftover rice to whip this up the next day. Kids love it and so do I! Play around as you see fit – tofu, chicken, fish, beef or other vegies are all good additions. x


Cooked brown basmati or jasmine rice

A tomato

A carrot

Bunch broccolini

Some coconut oil

1-2 eggs – beaten

Tablespoon soy or tamari

Teaspoon sugar

Lemon or lime to squeeze on serving

(can also add red chilli if you’re up for it)



Cut the vegies into tiny dices – for the tomato use the edges only (not the centre, seeds or liquid)

Heat oil in a pan – add the vegies and stir fry for a few mins

Add rice and stir through

Push to the side and pour in the eggs, lightly cook then stir through

Stir in the soy/tamari and sugar

Stir for a minute or 2 more