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This is a super easy recipe that your kids can make with you. It’s a yum dinner or weekend lunch and leftovers can be a yummy sandwich alternative in a lunchbox the following day. Play around with fillings to your taste – this combo works well for me to sneak a few extra veggies into fussy mr 4.

Enjoy x


2 cups self raising flour

1 tablespoon sugar

30g butter

3/4 cup milk

some tomato paste to spread on – about 1/3 cup

italian herbs (oregano, parsely etc – the dried ones)

2 cups grated cheese

zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms all finely diced


Place flour and sugar in a bowl and rub in the butter to make it seem like breadcrumbs

Stir in milk and mix to make a sticky dough

Knead it for a few mins and then roll out with a rolling pin to make a rectangle (about 30cm by 40 cm ish – this varies)

Spead tomato paste all over the base then sprinkle in the herbs and toppings and finally cheese

Roll it up tightly and then using a serrated knife cut into slices – about 12

Pack them into a baking dish – (put the cut side upwards) – they should be in a single layer and quite ‘snug’

Bake them in the oven (about 150-180 deg) until browned lightly – 25-30 mins

– you can also make your own cheesymite scrolls using this same method but using vegemite instead of tomato paste and just cheese as a topping. Won’t need quite as long baking.

– I have also done a sweet version with apple compote spread and cinnamon and also a chocolate version with nutella. YUM!