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I’ve had loads of great feedback on the baked chicken nuggets and also a request for recipes using mince… so thought I’d post this recipe for sausage rolls. These are a yummy kids dinner and also good for kids parties… they go well cold in a lunchbox too. I make with chicken, beef or a mix of veal and beef mince. Enjoy



1kg mince

Whatever vegies you like – grated – I usually use zucchini, carrot, sweet potato and onion. You can add quite a lot of vegies. Sometimes I add grated bettroot but this makes them a bit pink/red – but yummy.

Some sauces – depends what you have to hand and what mince you are using. I usually use some tomato sauce, some kecap manis and if it is chicken mince some sweet chilli

Some herbs and spices – usually paprika, sometimes some ginger, garlic – use a bit more if it is chicken mince which can be a bit more bland

1 egg

about a cup of rolled oats (or breadcrumbs)

Some puff pastry



Add everything except the pastry to a bowl and mix well

Put the puff pastry out and spoon some of the mix into a line on it – roll the pastry over

Cut into the lengths you like (I usually do a bit bigger than the little ones you get at parties)

Brush with some more egg and put onto a tray lined with baking paper

Cook in 180C oven for about 15 mins

Some tips – if you pop them into the fridge or freezer before you cook they will puff up more and also if you find they burn on the underside use a rack as well as a tray to allow the air to circulate

Play around with the herbs, spices and sauces to taste. You will prob need to add some salt (or soy sauce) too depending on taste preferences. 

These freeze well before or after cooking