A while back one of you asked me for some healthy birthday party ideas… I generally think parties are a time for special food and I am not too hard core about the ‘health’ of the food consumed at them… but I do like to make my own food boxes rather than buy the packaged party food and I also think there are lots of pretty good treats you can make, pretty them up and serve for a kids party. Here are some ideas…


For both my son’s parties I usually buy a plain food box per child and decorate with stickers.  Inside each kid will find a sandwich, a fruit box (the goulburn valley ones) and plastic spoon, a treat of some sort (usually a freddo frog), a packet of rice crackers and a babybel cheese. I like to do it this way as whatever isnt eaten is easily used up at home, there is so much food wasted at parties! I often also make jelly cups which looks pretty on the table and have at different times had fruit skewers, sushi platters and frankfurts too.  This all works well when you are having the party at an outside venue, as it is easy to carry.


If you are having the party at home or somewhere easy to cook/serve then I would definitely recommend homemade sausage rolls (see the recipe I posted a while back), baked chicken nuggets or homemade pizzas.  You could also make some yummy sweet treats- not healthy but a lot better than store bought!


For birthday cakes I had been buying from a wonderful cake creator but this year I realised what my son REALLY wanted was a big chocolate cake decorated with as many lollies as possible, so I made a decadent chocolate cake, spread on some icing, bought a big pack of family favourite lollies and let him decorate it himself. He loved it!

Over the next few weeks I’ll post some sweet treats that are great for parties… as well as a few more family favourite meals.