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Well – I took a bit of a break there with a crazy hectic time at work and then a gorgeous beach holiday with the family… we’ve been enjoying lots of fresh tomatoes, cherries, berries and BBQs in parks, houses, the beach… and, of course, the forever summer deliciousness of fish and chips and delicious ice creams!

About a week ago my husband embarked on an 8 week ‘whole of life challenge’ and I am doing what I call the ‘half of life challenge’ – meaning I am kinda sorta doing the same thing. This means we are focusing on meals that are sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and low processed. We are doing the intermediate level so we can have brown rice, quinoa and other yummies… so… over the next 8 weeks I’ll be posting loads of recipes and tips that will tick the boxes of the whole of life challengers… hopefully get the kids thumbs up most of the time and all round make you feel good… enjoy!

PS I have noted that loads of my recipes already fit these criteria so if you are keen you may want to look back through the archive (I just made the date balls and rainbow rice (minus the sugar and substituting for soy) today)

Today I’ll treat you to a great salad – brocollini sesame salad – which ticks all these boxes and is a plate full of green deliciousness…


What you need

3 bunches brocollini – trimmed

3 big handfuls snow peas – trimmed

3 big handfuls green beans – trimmed

1 bunch corriander (if you are one of those crazies who doesnt like corriander then skip this)

Sesame seeds – toast in pan (about 3 tablespoons)

3 spoons tahini – big spoons like tablespoons

1/2 tablespoon honey (whole of lifers may want to miss this depending on level!)

splash mirin

splash apple cider vinegar

splash soy/tamari if Gluten free

splash apple cider vinegar

teaspoon minced garlic (optional teaspoon minced ginger)



Blanch veggies in batches for about 2 mins, rinse under cold water and dry vegies

Lay out on a big platter

Scatter corriander and seeds

Mix all other ingredients into a dressing/sauce (you probably will add some warm water)

Serve at room temp – pour sauce over at the end


This is delicious at any BBQ and especially with salmon or chicken


(adapted from a recipe by Ottolenghi)