Sorry for the hiatus in posts – it’s been a busy few weeks in my life… but not without some yummy delights made for and with the kids.

A few weeks back we had a fun weekend away with some friends – and my friend whipped up some banana pikelets. I’ve made many a pikelet in my time, and my kids have liked them but these – the LOVED! They loved them so much that I have been making them at least once a week for breakfast ever since. I’ve made lots of versions so below you will find the ‘basic’ recipe and then a list of changes I’ve made at various times. They’re a great energy boosting snack or a healthy breakfast treat – and go well in the nut free lunchbox too. Enjoy!



1 cup self raising flour

2 or so bananas mashed

About 1/3 cup milk (to make the batter as smooth as you like – sometimes more depending on how big the bananas are or how many you use)

healthy shake of cinnamon

Optional 1-2tsp sugar (I omit for sure if I am adding any dried fruit)

Optional egg

Pinch salt



Mix the dry ingredients

Stir in wet ingredients and make a smooth batter (more or less milk)

Cook tablespoonfuls in a little butter on a medium heat fry pan

Serve plain or with berries, yoghurt and some maple syrup for a treat


VARIATIONS – all of these work well, alone or in any combo:

– add in 1 tablesppoon maca powder

– add in a big handful sultanas

– add in a handful finely chopped dried apricots, figs, pears and/or dates

– add in a few tablespoons chia seeds

– add in some chopped blueberries

– add in choc chips (I havent done this YET but will for a birthday)


I would love to hear any variations that work well for you